Tech topic #2 Fresh Grade

Fresh Grade is an assessment tool being used in quite a few schools, that allows teachers to assess students throughout the year, using a blog style, while engaging parents, and giving them access to view what has been posted and even comment back. This tool is amazing in my opinion, for two main reasons. This allows report card time to be a lot less stressful on teachers because they are constantly assessing and evaluating their students. Also, most often parents and guardians feel in the dark about what students do all day, especially when their child gets older, finding out what they learnt at schools turn into “I don’t know.” Fresh grade allows the teacher to post pictures, videos, or just a simple blog about what their students have been up to, and it allows parents to comment back. Growing up, I always remember having a student led conference twice a year where I got to choose some of my best work to show my parents when they came into the classroom. Two times in 10 months is not enough, especially for a student who may be struggling without their parents knowing. Michelle Heibert shares her personal experiences with Fresh Grade on her blog, saying that as a teacher and a mom, she loves Fresh Grade because it allows her to know what her children are up to during the days while she is teaching other kids. The fact that Fresh Grade comes in the form of an app, that is free, having an iPad in the classroom to be documenting things on the go in the form of pictures or videos is needed.


Photo by CommonSense (CC BY-ND 4.0)

Kelli Vogstad shares her usage about Fresh Grade through the three C’s: Choose, Capture, and Communicate. She has the choice of what to document, then she uses a form of technology to capture, and then communicates using Fresh Grade. She shares her experiences from her first 2 years of using Fresh Grade, and how she chose to document only things that would show the students growth, progress and learning. In the third year, they switched to documenting things that could help and show students assessment, and even allow them to assess their own learning.








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